Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Good sign for Garza?

Matt Garza said Tuesday that his next outing will be Friday, which puts him on five days' rest rather than the three- or four-day rotation he's been on.

He also said his pitch count has been moved up from 50 to 75 for Friday's outing, two good signs for the young righthander who is fighting for a spot in the rotation.


Hadrian said...

So, we'll see Friday whether Garza actually takes over Silva or not... Interesting.

Thanks always for the update

cronn said...

ESPN said that Gardy told them Garza will start the season in AAA. They want him to start regularly and in the majors he'd only be a spot starter at #5 in the rotation.

Twins Territory said...

Thanks for the update, I gave you credit on my blog.

This is good news because on ESPN they said that Gardenhire had told them that Silva would be the fifth starter and Garza would be sent down.

cronn said...

Is there an echo in here?

Twins Territory said...

Sorry about that Cronn. I noticed that you mentioned the ESPN thing, and I couldn't delete the comment to redo it.

SunSketch said...

All signs are good for Garza, no matter where he starts since he is the last starter candidate standing.

Garza will get sent down, and I've felt this way for quite some time. It really doesn't matter how good he did in spring training. That's nothing against Garza and nothing for Silva.

First part of the reasoning is because spring training is a difficult and inaccurate gauge of regular season performance. Just look at Kyle Lohse (and others) the last two seasons.

Second part of the reasoning lies in the fact that you can start the veteran and always/easily move to the rookie/minor leaguer. It's far more difficult if not impossible to start the rookie/minor leaguer and move to the disgruntled veteran.

So even though I have little to no faith in Silva at this point, starting him takes nothing away from Garza and potentially makes him MORE hungry.

However... if you start Garza, you aren't

100% Vince Quatro said...

Did anyone see Sanppy Hal Youngblood throw in the bullpen the other night (activity in the bullpen)?

Why he had the best "ready, set...bacon" pitch I'd seen in years!

I can see a rotation of:

Snappy Youngblood
Gil Thomas
Clem Bass
V. Caravello IV

That, my friends, would be an outstanding five man rotation.