Thursday, July 19, 2007

Torii's Hurt, but Not Bad

Torii Hunter says he’s OK, mostly. But his hamstring is sore enough to keep him out of the lineup today, though he hopes to be ready tomorrow. He’s available to pinch-hit, he said.
Jason Tyner will replace Hunter in center, with Garrett Jones getting a start in right field against Jeremy Bonderman. That leaves Michael Cuddyer as the only regular outfielder in the lineup today -- and he’s iffy.
Cuddyer’s hand became swollen after breaking up a double play, the same play in which Hunter pulled up lame. His hand “looks like one of those blown-up cartoon gloves,” manager Ron Gardenhire said, but given the urgency of the Twins’ situation, he’ll be in the lineup.
Justin Morneau, too, feels a little soreness today, in the elbow that was hit by a pitch. But he’ll play.
Hey, it could be worse: The Tigers’ Marcus Thames, who made a difficult tumbling catch to preserve Detroit’s lead, injured his right leg severely enough that he was put on the disabled list this morning. Timo Perez was called up to replace him.
Today’s lineups:


Granderson cf
Polanco 2b
Sheffield dh
Ordonez rf
Guillen ss
Casey 1b
Perez lf
Rabelo c
Inge 3b

Bonderman p


Castillo 2b
Bartlett ss
Mauer dh
Cuddyer rf
Morneau 1b
Redmond c
Jones lf
Tyner cf
Punto 3b
Baker p