Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Roster moves and lineups

The Twins reassigned pitcher Mike Venafro, catchers Brad King and Matthew LeCroy, and infielders Tommy Watkins and Glenn Williams to minor league camp.

Venafro is the most noticeable of the roster moves, considering the lefty had a 0.00 earned run average in 10 innings this spring. That leaves seven relievers in camp -- Joe Nathan, Dennys Reyes, Jesse Crain, Matt Guerrier, Juan Rincon, Pat Neshek and J.D. Durbin. If the Twins go with 12 pitchers, no more bullpen cuts will be necessary. If they go with 11, it's likely Durbin will be the one to go.

Catcher Chris Heintz remains in camp while Joe Mauer is sidelined with the stress reaction in his left fibula, and Josh Rabe is hanging around while Rondell White nurses a sore hip.
Here are the lineups for today's game against New York, which is being broadcast on ESPN.

Luis Castillo 2B
Jason Kubel LF
Mike Redmond C
Michael Cuddyer RF
Justin Morneau 1B
Torii Hunter CF
Josh Rabe DH
Jeff Cirillo 3B
Jason Bartlett SS
Boof Bonser P

New York
Melky Cabrera LF
Robinson Cano 2B
Bobby Abreu RF
Jorge Posada C
Josh Phelps DH
Andy Phillips 1B
Chris Basak SS
Kevin Reese CF
Miguel Cairo 3B
Carl Pavano P


Tony said...

Venafro being cut equals something fishy. I am dumbfounded they cut Venafro. Do the Twins have something up their sleeve? Perhaps Durbin will get hurt the first week of the season and Venafro will replace him. That way they can protect Durbin and put Venafro on the roster where THE WORLD KNOWS he should be.

twinstalker said...

Venafro had to be cut for now. The Twins can't just lose Durbin. Venafro signed a minor league contract and apparently doesn't have the ability to opt out of a minor league assignment. My guess is that a number of things can happen: Durbin can agree to be sent down for a period, Silva can further implode and be waived. There can be a trade to open a spot. Venafro can suck at AAA. I wouldn't be dumbfounded, nor does the world (or even the Twins) know that Venafro should be on the roster. He's pitched well enough (with few if any strikeouts). If he continues to pitch well, he'll absolutely get his shot.