Monday, April 2, 2007

Opening Day lineups

The Twins have black armbands sewn onto the sleeves of their jerseys tonight in remembrance of Herb Carneal, who died yesterday. Eventually, the armbands will be replaced by patches the team will wear the whole season.

Just saw Brad Radke, who's throwing tonight's ceremonial first pitch, outside the Twins clubhouse, where he greeted each of his former teammates with hugs. Radke should be relaxing in retirement, but tonight, he said, "I'm nervous."

"Hopefully, I can either not airmail it or ... shorthop it."

With that, your lineups ...

Luis Castillo 2B
Nick Punto 3B
Joe Mauer C
Michael Cuddyer RF
Justin Morneau 1B
Torii Hunter CF
Rondell White LF
Jeff Cirillo DH
Jason Bartlett SS
Johan Santana LHP

Brian Roberts 2B
Melvin Mora 3B
Nick Markakis RF
Miguel Tejada SS
Aubrey Huff 1B
Jay Gibbons LF
Kevin Millar DH
Corey Patterson CF
Paul Bako C
Erik Bedard LHP