Friday, November 30, 2007

A chat with Coco Crisp's agent

Just talked with Coco Crisp's agent, Steve Comte. He acknowledged the Twins and Red Sox have talked about Crisp.

"Needless to say, Covelli's name has been mentioned in numerous scenarios, a couple of which are with Minnesota," he said. (Comte always uses Crisp's real first name, Covelli.)

"A couple of which" likely means the Twins have approached the Red Sox about a trade for Crisp that wouldn't be part of a deal for Johan Santana and about a trade that does involve Santana.

Also talked with Twins pitching coach Rick Anderson today about his 2008 rotation. Asked if he has any reason to believe Santana will be with the Twins come spring training, Anderson said, "No."

Look for more on Minnesota's pitchers in tomorrow's Pioneer Press.

Phil Miller will be in Nashville starting Sunday night for the winter meetings, so look for blog updates throughout next week from him.

-- Kelsie Smith