Tuesday, July 24, 2007

In Sickness and in Health

Torii Hunter is still dragging, still stuffed up. Said he spent the entire day lying down, took some cold tablets. But he’ll play, of course. He felt the same way yesterday and only hit a second-deck homer and a double.

They closed the Rogers Centre roof during the game last night -- it was raining by the time I left the park -- and everyone was talking about how dark this place seemed once they did. The lights here aren’t bright spotlights like they are in most ballparks; they’re sort of like fluorescent lights.

“Darkest park I’ve played in,” Nick Punto said. Ron Gardenhire said everything looked yellow to him once they closed it. But it doesn’t seem to affect play.

Tonight’s lineups:

Castillo 2b
Bartlett ss
Mauer c
Morneau 1b
Hunter cf
Kubel lf
White dh
Ford rf
Punto 3b

Baker p

Johnson lf
Overbay 1b
Rios rf
Glaus 3b
Wells cf
Thomas dh
Hill 2b
Zaun c
McDonald ss
McGowen p