Monday, July 23, 2007

Remember Him?

Rondell White is here in Canada, and boy, does he seem excited about it. After whiling away almost four months of the baseball season in Florida, his legs are finally up to playing in the big leagues again, and he seemed thrilled to see his teammates again. It’s been a long road back, and he almost took a different road. “I live on I-75 in Georgia, and every day (in Fort Myers), I took I-75 to the ballpark,” he said. “And some days, I was tempted to just stay on the freeway and drive home.”

He made it clear that he’s not 100 percent, but feels good enough to play. Interesting, White said one of his thighs is naturally bigger than the other, and it’s always given him trouble.

He’ll DH tonight and probably all week on Toronto’s carpet. Wouldn’t be surprised to see him stay there for awhile.

Torii Hunter looked terrible before the game, fighting some sort of sinus congestion. His eyes are red, his nose and throat are stuffed up, and he was dragging in the clubhouse. But he expects to play.

The lineups:

Castillo 2b
Bartlett ss
Mauer c
Morneau 1b
Hunter cf
Kubel lf
White dh
Tyner rf
Punto 3b

Santana p

Johnson lf (lifetime vs. Santana: .563)
Rios rf
Glaus 3b
Wells cf
Thomas dh
Hill 2b
Stairs 1b
Thigpen c
Clayton ss

Marcum p