Monday, February 19, 2007

Weighing on the mind

FORT TRAFFICJAMBURG, Fla. -- Everyone is concerned about Sidney Ponson’s weight. It’s become a phenomenon! I haven’t seen anything like it since Tony Batista. I checked with the training staff and was told Ponson hasn’t weighed in yet. Meanwhile, the skipper could care less how much Ponson weighs. “He’s a big guy,” Gardy said. “I really, honestly don’t worry about that with him. He looks fine.”
  • Heck, Ponson fits right in anyway. The Twins could have the, ahem, beefiest starting rotation in the majors with Ponson, Boof Bonser and Carlos Silva. “All I know is when I got in the clubhouse late today, there was still food left,” Gardy said. “No one’s killed the spread, so I think we’re doing fine with all of our weight in this clubhouse. I really, really don’t consume myself with guys’ weights. If they can move, they can move. If they can’t move, then obviously you make some adjustments.” Besides, there are several hefty pitchers who have had success. David Wells and Bartolo Colon come to mind. On the other hand, there's always Runelvys Hernandez.

  • Media favorite Rondell White reported today. He made it a point to tell me he’s a new man. I’m willing to bet all of my possessions and yours that Dell will hit his first homer before July 16 (barring injury, of course). That was the date of his first homer last season. In fact, I’m willing to bet your possessions that Dell hits at least seven homers by July 16. That was his total for 2006.

  • Joe Nathan has taken over Brad Radke’s old corner locker at Hammond Stadium.

  • Gardy on blogging: “I know what a blog is. No, I don’t have a blog. I feel blog when I get up in the morning a lot, but I don’t have a blog.” Just thought I'd ask, 'cause the skip's always got his laptop in tow.

  • Have I mentioned how brutal the traffic is here? There is a certain giant franchise coffee chain store two miles from the training complex. Nonetheless, it’s a 40-minute venture just to get a cup of coffee. Ridiculous.

  • I was having fun on the Web today and decided to type in You’d be surprised what comes up. (And, no, it’s nothing distasteful.)


Twins Territory said...

That Torii Hunter link is a little funny. I wish I could be down in Spring Training, it sounds like a lot of fun.

This is exactly how a blog should be, it should share some cool facts and opinions. It looks like your a natural in the blogging world.

By the way, did you let Neshek know about your blog?

Nick N. said...

Looking good Jason. Nice to have you in the blogging family.

garry said...

Good stuff Law-vul. So what's the story behind that link anyhow.