Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Torii arrives, talks about his future

FORT TRAFFICJAMBURG, Fla. -- It’s become an annual rite of spring that when Torii Hunter arrives, the scribes bombard him with questions about his future with the Twins. Well, Torii arrived and I fired away.

He’s realistic about the fact that this probably will be his last season in Minnesota. I thought it was interesting that he said the Twins’ focus should be on locking up Morneau and Cuddyer to multiyear deals and extending Santana’s contract. Torii said his agent and Terry Ryan have not discussed a contract extension.

Torii said he’s getting tired of talking about his contract situation with the media, because he doesn’t want to be a distraction to the team and he doesn’t want fans to view him as the spoiled, money-grubbing athlete. Torii shouldn’t worry about that. Fans and media know he’s a man of integrity and unselfish.

Twins fans should savor their Torii memories and enjoy watching him this year. With all the other big contracts looming, I just don’t see any way Torii is a Twin after this season.

By the way, Torii gave me a possible new name for the dateline. He calls this place "Fort Misery." He started coming here in the early '90s, and he says the traffic gets worse every year. Honestly, I think I'd trade this traffic for February Minnesota weather. Well, OK, maybe not.


TwinsJunkie said...

How far do you have to go from your hotel to the ballparks?

Brian said...

Try taking a cab in Fort Myers. I costs you a bundle!

dkoeb said...

I think the contracts signed this winter by other CFs priced Hunter beyond the Twins' plans. I always thought he was overpaid due to his leg injury and his inconsistency at the plate but now I think he'll get at least $12 million next year from someone. I'll miss him and hope he has lots of success this year and next year.

tompau said...
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tompau said...

Have you checked the Twin Cities weather today? Pushing 50!

Less traffic, warm weather...maybe it wouldn't be so bad here after all!