Monday, February 19, 2007

Feeling the love

FORT TRAFFICJAMBURG, Fla. -- It seems to me like the Twins are ascending toward the popularity the franchise experienced during and around the years of the World Series championship teams ('87 and '91 ).

There must have been 300 people here this morning by the time pitchers and catchers were an hour into their camp-opening workout. Fans lined up three deep on both sides of the ropes along the walkway from the field to the clubhouse. Joe Mauer signed autographs for 45 minutes. Someone asked Gardy if this is the most love he's seen for the team during his almost two-decade tenure with the organization. He said it's hard to compare to the love shown toward the '91 team.

Various players have told me stories about how they've noticed the popularity reaching an all-time high during their respective tenures with the club. Nick Punto told me a story at TwinsFest about some fan he encountered this winter in Arizona, where Nick lives in the offseason. As Nick was driving away from a gas station, the fan ran up alongside the car, pecked on the window and asked for an autograph. Punto said no fans had noticed him in previous offseasons.

"It's just wild," Punto said.

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Twins Territory said...

Thats awesome. They've definetly gotten more attention from the national media. They'll get a bunch of National TV games early this season.

Also, its great to see so many frequent updates. I just wrote a story about your blog among others.