Thursday, March 1, 2007


TAMPA, Fla. -- This could be a long year.

Silva just gave up a two-out, two-run shot to Giambi. 5-0, Bombers. Inning over. That's it for Silva. Forty-two pitches! No World Baseball Classic to blame now.

I suspect Silva won't be happy when the scribes pepper him with questions here in a little bit.

I know, it's two innings. Don't overreact. But these are the same things we watched all last season. No sink on the sinker.

It's been noted a time or two in your trusty St. Paul paper that Silva is the X-factor. He has a good year, Twins challenge for the division title again. He stinks, Twins finish third -- possibly fourth.


tompau said...

I agree that Senor Boom Boom (Silva) is the X-factor on the team this year. What I don't understand was why we kept him around in the first place. Honestly, I'd rather have a young guy who may not be as consistent but has potential to have a good game once in a while. With Boom Boom, it's always going to be advantageous to sit in the Home Run Porch for a few souvenirs.

Twins Territory said...

I think the Twins need to come out and say that his job isn't safe. Then maybe he'll work hard and have a strong start to the season.