Thursday, February 22, 2007

Wee hours roster projecting

FORT TRAFFICJAMBURG, Fla. -- It's early, but we're sitting here at Pressbox Central wondering whether the Twins will keep 12 pitchers or the extra bench player.

Projection: extra bench player. Reading between the lines of what Gardy said the other day, he'd prefer to have 11 pitchers after carrying the extra arm for most of last season. He was often frustrated with his bench limitations. Then again, the Twins had to carry the extra pitcher because of the eroding situation with the rotation, and those uncertainties could be prevalent again.

Nonetheless, how's this for an Opening Day roster?

LINEUP: 2b Castillo, 3b Punto, C Mauer, RF Cuddyer, 1B Morneau, CF Hunter, LF White, DH Kubel, SS Bartlett

STARTING ROTATON: Santana, Silva, Ponson, Ortiz, Bonser

BULLPEN: Nathan, Rincon, Crain, Reyes, Neshek, Guerrier

BENCH: C Redmond, IF Cirillo, OF Ford, IF Machado or Rodriguez, OF Tyner

If the Twins have to go with the extra pitcher, I'd say Durbin if he's healthy. That probably would make Tyner the odd man out. But I would not be surprised by a preseason trade. Maybe Lew Ford for a backup middle infielder?


Brian said...

I see the Twins going with 12 pitchers, the 12th being Durbin, and Tyner being the odd man out.

The Twins already have enough OF depth with Kubel at DH and OF when Mauer DH's. Ford can also play all three OF spots. That gives them 5 legitimate outfielders. There's really no need for a 6th.

I guess you could also say that Punto qualifies as an outfielder if they need to spot start Cirillo at 3B.

The Twins will need to carry 12 pitchers if they bring Silva, Ortiz and Ponson north.

TwinsJunkie said...

Its always been my personal philosiphy that teams are better suited with a 12-man pitching staff because, in theory, running out of bullpen guys is a much more serious matter than running out of bench players.

That being said, I agree with your notion that the team will opt for the extra bench guy. The best case scenario would be Durbin (or Perkins, or Slowey, etc.) lighting it up in Rochester and leaving the team no choice.

Nick N. said...

The best case scenario would be Durbin (or Perkins, or Slowey, etc.) lighting it up in Rochester and leaving the team no choice.

Durbin is out of options, so if he doesn't stick in spring training he's gone.

Stub said...

I hate that it seems to have become a foregone conclusion that Ortiz and Ponson will make the rotation. With each having a 5.00+ ERA in the (much worse) NL why does there seem to be an assumption that they'll fare better in a tougher league? We've got the young arms, we need to use them.
Does anyone actually believe that we'll be a better team with Ponson in the rotation instead of Garza or Perkins?
This just reaks of the Castro/Batista catastrophe from last season. Where the majority of fans see the decision as a huge mistake yet Terry Ryan doesn't.

D. said...

I'm scared enough of seeing Silva's name next to the "#2" spot of the rotation...

TwinsJunkie said...

whoops yeah. didn't mean Durbin.

Nick N. said...

Hey Jason, you should check out the spring training preview I did over at our blog. Looks like we're pretty much in agreement on the Twins' opening day 25, although I still think they'll go with the extra reliever.

Paul said...

Punto at #2 and Bartlett at #9 is assuming that Bartlett becomes a .250 hitter, right? Because we all know there is no way Punto hits .270 this year. He should be 9 and Bartlett should be 2. No need to waste an out before Mauer.

Soup du Jour said...

Jason, I hear you are an avid player of rock-scissors-paper. Do you think Gardy will use that method to fill his final roster spot? I guess for anyone to make it, they'll have to be a good fit for the club. Personally, I don't think Durbin is the "Real Deal" anymore. I think this Machado guy will stick.