Thursday, February 22, 2007

Something to prove

FORT TRAFFICJAMBURG, Fla. -- Justin Morneau isn't satisfied after the MVP season.

“If anything, I’d say I probably worked a little harder this offseason," Morneau said. "I’ve got something to prove this year. Some people (fans) didn’t believe it was right. People are sitting there waiting to say last year was a fluke. I’m going to go out and prove them wrong again.”

Morneau seems hungry. He was one of the earliest non-Fort Misery resident position players to show up at camp. A big weightlifting guy, Morneau said he worked harder on core training. Like last spring, he's been out working one-on-one with hitting coach Joe Vavra in the cages at 7:30 every morning.


TwinsJunkie said...

Good quote Jason. Speaking of Varva, I was thinking: there has been a lot of hype around Rick Anderson, and rightfully so, for the work he has done with the pitching staff. However there has been very few profile pieces on how Mr. Varva worked his magic last year in making the Twins one of the best hitting teams in the league. I think it'd be interesting.

Chris said...

Right on ... I'd like to hear the thoughts of the Twins now (Hunter in particular since he seemed the most vocal against Varva) about what they think about him.