Friday, March 9, 2007

Sidney assesses Sidney

VERO BEACH, Fla. -- Sidney Ponson hit the showers after giving up four runs on seven hits and a walk in two innings against a Dodgers lineup that featured about half of the regulars.

"I'm not going to beat myself up for it," Ponson said. "Giving up four runs in two innings is not proving anything to anybody."

It was Ponson's second spring-training start, his first in Grapefruit League play. Trying to prove himself on a minor-league deal, Ponson said he didn't put pressure on himself today.

"If I do get my walking papers, then I walk," Ponson said. "It's no secret. I know the situation. I have to work for (the job)."


twayn said...

"Giving up four runs in two innings is not proving anything to anybody." - Ponson

It's proving Sidney should not make our starting rotation.

Carrie said...

Twayn, I'm not sure that's what he meant. That quote sounds more like, "I'm trying to prove myself here, and that sure didn't do it." Although I could be wrong.

That being said, as a long, long, long time Orioles fan, I really don't expect this to work out. Sidney's problem isn't the sauce, or a lack of raw skill. The problem is, Sid's just not that bright. He can't outthink the opposing batter, and he always falls back on the fastball, which locates poorly when he's not on his game.

Not feeling this.

TwinsJunkie said...

I agree with Carrie. Nonetheless, he'll have to turn things around, regardless of whether a handful of innings in April is a fair judgement period or not.

WinTwins57 said...

Maybe he should put A LITTLE more pressure on himself. He seems like he doesn't care much what happens. "If I get my walking papers, I walk." Maybe a better attitude would help...